Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer facing businesses. We enable businesses to reach and exceed their full potential by following world class processes, customer service standards and employee engagement.

Great service doesn’t happen by accident.

The Benefits of Hospitality Assured

Improved processes and operational efficiency culminating in a range of outcomes that can include enhanced profitability, improved reputation, increased customer loyalty, the gaining of industry and online rating sites accolades and improved ratings.

The ability to use powerful and objective external assessment to stimulate and measure improvements in service delivery and business excellence.

Being able to use the Hospitality Assured framework to create a sustainable service culture that benefits the customer and all individuals with the business, as well as local communities. Develop service ideals, values and principles that support a culture of excellence.

Better staff retention as staff are motivated and feel part of a team and the important process of improving standards and delivering great service, improved customer satisfaction and the sharing and implementing of new ideas and service improvements that positively benefit the business.

Benchmark your organisation against similar businesses being assessed and scored allows you to compare your performance with others operating in the same or similar sector and within the wider hospitality sector in general.

Improved public relations, the Hospitality Assured Accreditation is a mark of customer excellence with increased promotion and public awareness, it will become an important identifier of customer service excellence.