Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer facing businesses. We enable businesses to reach and exceed their full potential by following world class processes, customer service standards and employee engagement.

Great service doesn’t happen by accident.

How we assess

The Assessment Process

The assessment process will be undertaken by trained Assessors who have industry wide experience and understanding of quality assessment and the knowledge of the Hospitality Assured product.

You will need to prepare for your assessment, you will also need to consider when it best suits the business to carry out the on-site assessment, which can take between one and five days depending on the size of the business, the number of employees and units undertaking the assessment.

A Hospitality Assured Pre-Assessment or Interim Health Check

Having committed to Hospitality Assured we can provide an assessor to check how ready you are for assessment or in-between assessments, to give advice and measure progress.  They can help you to engage the team in identifying which of your practices and procedures to showcase during the assessment and if appropriate offer workshops and practical tools to improve performance in any areas you have concerns about.

This service is completely flexible to meet your individual organisation’s needs to find out more about the costs and benefits of these options speak to your Key Account Manager or e mail

STEP 1 – Learn more about Hospitality Assured

Order your Hospitality Assured welcome pack from us and this will supply you with everything you need to know from “start to finish” and “everything in between”. This is the start of your journey to achieving “customer service excellence”. The pack contains the standard, guidelines including the evidence required to meet the standard and a self-assessment business improvement tool.

STEP 2 – Decide which is the right accreditation for you

The Hospitality Assured Team will make contact and assign you a “Coach Assessor”, who will take you through the initial stages of the process, the different types of accreditation, answer any queries you may have and be there as your guide throughout the process to help you ensure that the principles of Hospitality Assured are effectively transferred into your organisation.

STEP 3 – Enthuse your team

Stage three is at the very heart of the accreditation journey. A detailed Self Review Pack is completed which will enable your organisation to ascertain how they measure up with the key indicators in the Service Standard and identify what action may be required to meet it. Set the team targets and deadlines for the implementation of improvements already identified and ensure that there are processes in place that identify opportunities for quality improvements. Complete and submit your evidence pack.

STEP 4 – Get assessed

When confident, you can request an assessment visit from the scheme’s assessors. The assessment process comprises of meetings with and talking to your management team and a cross-section of staff, in situ whenever possible, and with minimum of disruption to the working day. On the final day there is a detailed assessor de-brief, where the initial headlines for each of the nine steps are shared.

STEP 5 – Keep up the good work

The report and scoring is received. Each sub-step is backed up by a ‘strength’ and an ‘area for consideration’ that could be utilised within your business as an invaluable tool to help you on your journey to continuous improvement. Use the findings, the scores and the benchmarking opportunities to maximise the impact of the Hospitality Assured process within your organisation.




What is the extent of your businesses knowledge of the market place, and how frequently does your organisation gather and analyse this information to make judgements about your customer base?



Are there mechanisms and infrastructure in place to deliver service to defined standards and the Customer Service Promise? How does your organisation communicate responsibilities and accountabilities.



Has your organisation made the distinction between client and customer feedback and satisfaction?  In some organisations there may be different categories of customers. What feedback methods have been selected to deliver useful feedback.


Does your organisation have a statement to define what service or products are on offer?  Does the customer truly know what to expect and what other services may be on offer?  Is the promise defined and reviewed regularly?


How does the business deploy sufficient resources to deliver your Customer Service Promise?  Is there a robust business continuity plan to cope with changes in demand?  Is technology used effectively to support the business?


How does your organisation identify service problems, adverse and positive customer feedback? Who in your organisation identifies the team members to be informed and how remedial action is taken?


How is your organisation led and managed, does the leadership provide and communicate a vision, mission and values for the organisation? Are business plans shared widely along with targets and key performance indicators?


What training and development activities are in place to equip your people, individually or collectively, with the necessary skills, competencies and experience to deliver on its Customer Service Promise? How are training and development needs assessed, delivered and measured?


Organisations should regularly review the effectiveness of your customer service promise to ensure it continues to deliver service excellence, and to identify and measure key performance indicators accordingly.