We take a look at one of the recent Hospitality Assured award winners, Mitie 1Team at Vodafone, and its journey to excellence.

Off the back of recent award success, the Mitie 1Team at Vodafone continues on its journey for excellence and Hospitality Assured has been there every step of the way.
Mitie 1Team at Vodafone was named best UK newcomer at the Hospitality Assured awards back in June – a crowning glory that sealed a period in which the business not only improved on customer service but also delivered consistency amongst all its services. It was this focus that led to them being successful at the awards.

Mitie 1Team at Vodafone’s aim? It was simple. A desire to create a World Class excellence model to support Vodafone’s vision to build Britain’s best workplace.

The team had already established objectives for: customer experience, relationship management, good people management, benchmarking and feedback based off the Net Promoter Scoring mechanism. By utilising Hospitality Assured’s nine step accreditation process they were able to objectively assess what and where they needed to improve strategically, operationally and with service delivery to realise the potential and make the most impact for the client. The team were also able to monitor their own journey through the use of a Customer Experience Survey implemented at the beginning of the year.

It was this hard work that has led to award success and Michael Ditlbacher, Customer Experience Director at Mitie 1Team at Vodafone, spoke to us about their journey and Hospitality Assured’s support. “We are absolutely thrilled (with the award),” he commented. “It’s good to see that all our hard work paid off and it has been a good morale boost to the team before going on the journey a little further. On our journey we want to be able to achieve world class by the end of our business year and this will give us the boost that we are on the right track and doing the right thing.”

Lofty targets but considering the improvements in such a short period of time we wouldn’t be surprised to see Mitie 1Team at Vodafone celebrating success once again in 2017!

You can learn more about Mitie 1Team at Vodafone at mitie.com and Hospitality Assured’s assessment process at www.hospitalityassured.com/quality-is-everything