Hospitality Assured’s Trisha Bennett discusses the one key trend to a successful journey to World Class

When it comes to using Hospitality Assured as a tool for success there are a number of trends amongst those that use the standard, but there is one specific reason as to why it has made such an impact – the customer comes first.

I attended a recent BIFM event that looked at Vodafone’s FM strategies and its Journey to World Class. Part of this process has been its dedication to Hospitality Assured and the nine steps it takes to get there but there was one trend that echoed throughout each of the Mitie services presentations. The customer must be at the heart of everything you do and any structure or plan must be built around delivering an excellent service.

Mitie 1Team at Vodafone is customer obsessed and that was the key message delivered. People were recruited because of their customer service approach and there was a real emphasis on why they had to get the right staff with the right attitude to carry this forward. Not only do they recruit those that buy into that philosophy but they also train and develop using tailored workshops to ensure a joined up approach to delivering excellent customer service. In essence, from the word go, the heart of the business must have the same focus and goals when it comes to delivering for the customer; a 1Team approach to achieving World Class.

Building a business plan around that foundation is why they have had so much success and it’s a clear trend that we have seen across many of our clients. Interestingly Mitie 1Team at Vodafone also take into account their own staff when it comes to the customer-centric approach. They believe that if you look after the health and wellbeing of the staff with a great environment, training and benefits then that will have the chain reaction of them wanting to look after the customers. It’s a terrific approach and has really delivered results over the past year concluding with success at the Hospitality Assured awards earlier this year.

They aren’t the first, and they won’t be the last but Vodafone Mitie has set a great example for all when it comes to putting the customer at the heart of your business. It’s certainly something to be celebrated and applauded.

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