The Capital Hotel recently won a Hospitality Assured award for ‘Most Improved Score’, so we take a look at the work they’ve done to achieve this success

Few could be more deserving of an award than The Capital Hotel back in June but the hard work and belief in Hospitality Assured’s process goes far deeper than that.

An award for ‘Most Improved Score’ for The Capital Hotel is testament to the level of commitment and work that the team has put in to ensure they keep high standards. The central theme that they have taken from Hospitality Assured has been that of continuous improvement and it is something the entire team has taken to heart. Daily and monthly meetings all focus on that idea and the hotel has worked tirelessly to ensure process and operations, guest experiences, staff morale and development has all moved forward following the initial assessment.

Hospitality Assured’s process is key because it doesn’t just tell the business what they need to do but it actively supports them in doing just that. The Capital Hotel readily admit that improvements in the past had been ad-hoc but now, using the HA process, there is a meticulous strategy in place bolstered by the knowledge that assessors will not only question but support those actions.

“It’s a bit like having a dentist appointment in the diary,” explained Kate Levin, General Manager at The Capital Hotel. “You will always clean your teeth better and more consistently knowing the trip to the dentist is coming up! We are safe in the knowledge that Hospitality Assured is there to support us but knowing we will be assessed gives us a real drive and determination to excel.”

It’s this kind of action taken by The Capital Hotel team that has seen them achieve so much success in the past year. The award for ‘Most Improved Score’ at the Hospitality Assured awards was well deserved and an excellent way to recognise the achievements of the entire team.

Kate continued: “Awards in general are brilliant for team morale and this one was no different. The award itself does not have a direct impact on the business of course but it does drive the team forward and gives them a goal to reach because they all want to win another. Not only does that help us become a stronger team but it helps us to deliver a better product which, in turn, results in guest satisfaction and therefore a more successful business.”

So what is in store for The Capital Hotel moving forward? A continued partnership with Hospitality Assured is on the cards with a focus on the hotel’s corporate social responsibility. There is a desire at the hotel to ensure the staff are fully involved in making the hotel more sustainable because that is a growing concern amongst travellers and within the industry itself. The hotel always sets an annual focus which in previous years has included standards of practice and in-house training and awards – it’s a superb way to motivate and measure success.

Frequently we like to ask those we work with just how important they feel it is to have a standard ensuring excellence such as Hospitality Assured in the industry. We feel The Capital Hotel’s answer is sound advice for many within the industry…

“How important it is depends on the individual hotel,” said Kate. “If it’s a dusty old file that sits still until your next assessment then clearly the standard would be fairly useless and time could be better used. For us however it has become a big part of our hotel life and it keeps us moving forward, questioning and analysing our practices to ensure we are doing the very best we can. It has helped us with our communication in the hotel so now the team have a full understanding of what is happening and why. So, for us, it is very important.”

The moral of the story? You get back what you put in and The Capital Hotel team have really put their heart and soul into ensuring Hospitality Assured works for them.

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